Invest in Eternity

Why do we give?

Jesus teaches that the leading competitor for our devotion to God is money (Matthew 6:24). Like athletes who discipline themselves in order to win, giving is a discipline that turns our hearts toward God, tangibly shows compassion for people, and allows us to invest in eternity.

How we handle money

For many people, the subjects of Church and money are like oil and water. We get that.

Because we care about the mission Jesus gave his people of making disciples who love God, love people and serve the world, we recognize that money has to be part of the equation. If you had no money, you’d have no home, no car, no ability to create a better future. No money, no life. If the mission of the Church has no money, leaders aren’t developed, resources aren’t put in the service of mission, the next generation is not raised up. No money, no mission.

Because the mission Jesus gave the Church is so important, we want everything out in the open. Our books, like our hearts, are open. Any member can see the books (just ask!). Our staff prepares the budget annually along with our Ministry leaders, our Board approves the budget, and the Congregation is invited to see it.


Love God + Love People + Serve the World

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